District Court

Michele R. Quick

Clerk of District Court

The Clerk of District Court serves as the Administrative Officer of the Court, and is responsible for maintaining the records of criminal and civil cases, mental health cases, the Court's docket, and processing judgments. The Clerk of District Court shall also:

  • Issue writs and orders for provisional remedies and process of every kind.
  • File and preserve all papers delivered to him or her.
  • Track all court costs, fees, fines, restitution, and judgments ordered in each case filed.
  • Endorse papers filed with him or her.
  • Make entry of return of every summons served.
  • Keep the records, books, and papers pertaining to the court, and record its proceedings.
  • Prepare and file the annual inventory statement of all county personal property in his or her custody or posession.
  • Provide and process protection order applications.
  • Serve as ex-officio jury commissioner for the County.

Jurisdiction of the District Court

The District Courts are trial courts of general jurisdiction and are organized into 12 judicial districts to serve all 93 counties in the state. Burt County is in the Sixth Judicial District which also includes Cedar, Dakota, Dixon, Dodge, Thurston, and Washington counties.

District Courts have original jurisdiction in all felony cases, equity cases, domestic relations cases, and civil cases where the amount in controversy involves more than $53,000.

They also have appellate jurisdiction in certain matters arising out of county court and serve as appellate courts in administrative appeals, where they review the record of testimony and evidence from the lower court or tribunal and issue an opinion and ruling in the case.

Decisions of the District Court may be appealed to the Nebraska Court of Appeals and/or to the Nebraska Supreme Court.

General Information

District Court's regular motion day is held on the second Thursday of each month. Criminal matters begin at 9:00 A.M. and civil matters begin at 10:30 A.M. Any questions regarding District Court cases should be directed to (402)374-2905.

A Public Access terminal is available for record searches. This office does not perform searches, but will assist you by directing you to the public record.
Photocopies and certified copies may be obtained. The fee for copies is $0.25 per page. The certification fee is $1.00 per document.