Public Notices



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a meeting of the Chairman and the Board of Supervisors of Burt County, Nebraska, will be held at 9 A.M. Friday, May 25, 2018, at the Burt County Courthouse in Tekamah, Nebraska, which meeting will be open to the public.  An agenda for such meeting, kept continuously current, is available for public inspection at the office of the Burt County Clerk at the Burt County Courthouse, Tekamah, Nebraska.  The agenda may be modified at such meeting.

Sarah J. Freidel, Burt County Clerk


Wednesday, June 6 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Tekamah City Auditorium

Burt county is currently going through a FEMA mapping project to update the Flood Insurance Rate Maps. The project included a new study that provides up to date flood hazard information and changes for our communities.

Please come to the Public Open House to hear from floodplain mapping experts from the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, and flood insurance experts from FEMA. At the open house, you will be able to learn about specific flood risk and flood insurance information for your own property, and you can ask questions about the flood study, and other topics. The Draft Flood Insurance Rate Maps will be displayed at the meeting for the public to view.


MOWING DITCHES - Bridge and Hwy Law 39-1811

It shall be the duty of the landowners in this state to mow all weeds that can be mowed with the ordinary farm mower to the middle of all public roads and drainage ditches running along their lands at least twice each year, namely, before July 15th, for the first time and sometime in August or September for the second time.


Public Notice: The Burt County Board of Supervisors Nebraska State Law 39-1812 Hedges and trees; trimming; duties of Landowners.

 Each landowner in this state upon whose land there is standing or growing any Osage orange, willow or locust hedge fence, trees, or undergrowth, bordering the public roads, when such fence, trees, or undergrowth become a public nuisance to travel on the roads, or obstruct the view at or near railroad crossings, crossroads or abrupt turns in the road, shall keep the same trimmed not less than once a year by cutting back to within four feet of the ground, excepting trees, which shall be trimmed from the ground up eight feet, and the trimmings so cut shall be burned or removed from the road right-of-way within ten days after each cutting.

Source: Laws 1957, c.155, art. V, 12, p.555.